Pălincă de Ardeal

“Zetea - A story that cannot be told in a few words.”

Pălincă de Ardeal

500 ml

Romanian product created in the Zetea Workshops in Medieşu Aurit.

Characteristics: 100% natural product, obtained from fruit according to a proprietary method

Alcohol concentration: 50%

Natural Color: obtained by mandatory minimum aging, without added ingredients

Validity periods: unlimited

Pălincă de Ardeal

Zetea of Transilvania

“Zetea – A story that cannot be told in a few words.”

The Zetea Product Range

Somewhere in Europe is Romania. Somewhere in Romania is Transylvania.
The famous alcoholic drink called Zetea de Transilvania is produced here.

Over several generations, the Zetea family produces natural drinks distilled from fruits in traditional boilers with direct fire, continuously improving the process according to the ZETEA method, but preserving its traditional character.

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